Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update and new home in Taos, New Mexico

Well, between moving in to the new homestead if you will, some Willow ballet classes while were are here. Twirl is a great place for the kids. The classes are CHEAP and even for a two dollar donation, the kids have run of the place or on site playground. Those photos later but here we go.

For the grand parents.

Ballet Class

Little dancer
Move in Day...A small shower gave us a rainbow view from the house.

Looking south and seeing the "Pyramid" built by Micheal Reynolds and one of his first Earthship constructions to the right.

Again the infamous Pyramid.

View looking east from the house towards I believe the Taos Ski Mountain area.

Everything out of the RV and in the new house. Believe it or not, there is a whole level under the grade for the down stairs. It is two story.

Again, I can't get enough of the Pyramid. It actually has a loft area above someone has or still uses as a meditation area complete with sitting rug, books of guidance and candles of various religious nature.




Diane said...

What a wonderful place to live and see out your window each day. Looks like a beautiful place to live.