Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Speaking of National Parks - The Great Sand Dunes

Though the early morning light was 'fine' for photos, and later in the day, our hike was hurried due to the oncoming rain storm...still a spectacular sight the dunes. Again, I'm always disappointed that the scale of the dunes are nothing in the photos compared to actually visiting them in person.

Sorry but I prefered this shot in black and white. The color version is below.

Entry to the park. Note to self; don't forget the tripod or least ye be left out of the photo.

A shot just past the entry monument. The dunes are great as to how in my view, they compete with the massive height of the mountains in the background.

Taking a break and as usual, Ellery filling out his Junior Ranger program for this park. This was before the sand started to get 'hot'.

Willow complained of sand in her shoes, yet it did not stop her from literally 'rolling' in it.

Behind us, opposite the Dunes.

The color version I spoke of earlier.

Along one of the trails we took from the visitor center. You can tell I like root systems.

The storm started to roll in. Actually, we hurried our hike on the aforementioned trail due to the rain. This is just before the storm hit; a view from the visitor center.

It was a pleasant drive from New Mexico to Colorado, though we really didn't see much difference in terrain during the two hour drive. A Mesa is a Mesa I suppose. But still the mountains are grand. I wish I had a chance on the way back from the Great Sand Dunes NP to capture one peak, El Blanco I think which is the fourth most largest in Colorado. The rain poured and poured on our exit. I'm sure one day we'll go back.




Mouse said...

The photos are gorgeous-- makes me miss being out west-- and tell Amy her dreads look awesome!

Little House On Wheels said...

Aw, thanks. They are coming along;)

tlgfliz said...

these photos are the best yet.. getting into that big sky territory now.. i bet your glad you didnt have to take the camper up there . haha.. all that lovely senery will still be there later and you go back again and again.. enjoy now..

Little House On Wheels said...

Thank you Mouse! And I forgot to mention, there are a few faint 'specs' in the sand in the photo somewhat detailing Amy's dreads; those are people coming from the dunes! Believe it or not.


PS: I can tell the crochet method on her dreads is by the far the best system from her other dready stages.


The Valentine's said...

Great pics Rik, am trying to figure out how and when we can get back to CO for some of their great parks - we only made it to Mesa Verde; it was cold!

Little House On Wheels said...

Hey now, I can't believe we have actually made it to some parks you guys haven't, lol.

Jenna Gayle said...

I really like the picture detailing her dreads, too (the photo and the dreads!) My friend is wanting to dread his hair up again and I'm trying to talk him into going the crochet route (as opposed to his last venture with just letting them do their own thing). Amy, I know you knit, but do you know if crocheting hair is anything like regular crochet? We've found some videos where people show maintaining them, but none really showing how to get them going.

American Daze said...

Man I am so glad you guys are having a happy for ya!...Pictures are awesome, and like you noted in one photo...probably no where near the viewing in person...

R and B said...

I'm glad you're enyoying the mid south (west?) after leaving Florida. You're not missing much here. It's hot as hell and it sems every other house is for sale. Riki, I looked over your website and assorted links. You are taking some amazing photos (of family, chickies and scenery!). Sounds like you guys found a great spot for a respite, " a little passive solar two story cabin guesthouse next to an earthship with lots of open land around it. In our area there are lots of interesting houses from yurts to domes to unusual earthship creations." Cool!! How's the solar microwave coming? I bet the Winter will bring you a lot more pleasant surprises.

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