Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching up Carlsbad and beyond - Brantley Lake State Park

What better way on a rainy day to just play around a bit in the RV. Brantley Lake was very nice indeed. We hiked and really had alot of solitude there. We met a wonderful family the White's while we were there. They were most helpful when Willow had to go to the ER for her staple in her head and definitely helpful in us eventually taking a scenic route to Ruidoso, NM. I can't wait to get some pics of this place. But for now, and for catching purposes, Brantley Lake and sitting around the RV. We were quite removed from town but no biggie. My last photo tells all of how bored I was....NOT!

Our "backyard"

Oh and the Pecos River

Where there is no Iffy Wifi, there is Blackberry.

The stars oh my god soo many. They were just starting to appear.
Yes, I like to play near the bushes.




tlgfliz said...

you look transparent in that last photo.. cool...