Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching up Carlsbad and beyond - Guatalupe NP and Sitting Bull Falls

Now, I TOTALLY forgot to bring my camera for GNP, so I snapped a few pics off of Amy's cell phone but I will say, pictures NEVER can do this park any justice. The range was totally breathtaking and I'm sorry, it is beyond words. Ellery received another Junior Ranger Badge and we stopped by the ruins of an old stage coach depot. Now again, Sitting Bull Falls...not much run off of water cascading down due to low rainfall but just a simple DELIGHT to find an oasis of fresh, cool water in such a very remote area of the mountains.

Our GEO had more Smokey Mountain flashbacks as well as I going up, over and around these mountains.

Sitting Bull Falls

Enjoy. Now again, thanks again to the Whites for helping us out and suggesting Ruidoso which we are currently in. The mountain drive was fantastic and the town is oh so quaint. Amy I am sure will be relating to that tomorrow.

It's not every RV park you pull in and park you seek FIVE deer right by your site.



Artistmama said...

We are not far from you. Enjoy Ruidoso, fun town!


American Daze said...

Well, from falling down and riding out the bad storms, you finally found a mini cool water paradise..Scenes look beautiful!

Forest-Dweller said...

OH so nice! Love it!