Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching up Carlsbad and beyond - Living Desert Zoo

You know how zoos go...Animals were mostly sleeping. BUT the kids did love the scenery and the view from where we were.

We have alot of catching up to do since we have been without decent Wifi for nearly two weeks. I do hope someone can share what type of mobile internet they have so we don't have to rely on the iffy wifi from parks and if we boon dock, we can still have access.

Enjoy and sorry I rushed through these pics but there is so much to update on limited wifi connections.




Ima said...

Cricket... we just signed up for it in preparation for leaving the east coast. Unfortunatley the only area it DOESN'T work is New England. That's where we've been for quite a bit so I can't say yet how good it is. 40.00 a month and it comes with a small plug in reciever for your laptop. Good reviews other than customer service dealings. Compared to the prices for most other services we figured what the heck, we'll try it. No contracts.