Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fond farewell to Carlsbad

I forgot I could post from my phone, lol. We were supposed to be leaving Carlsbad by now but Willow fell off her bike and she got a staple in her head at the ER. I know, Iknow, we are inadvertently touring the ER's of America, right? So we can't leave until she gets it removed.

We are enjoying our postcard view of the desert from the state park right now. We have just loved our extended stay. We were able to visit Guadalupe national park and went to sittin bull falls today. It is this unbelievable waterfall oasis in the lincoln national forest. I thought I had been transported to Aztec ruins or Disney World one. Seriously, where I'm from you only see stuff like this recreated in theme parks.

Being injured for so long has really helped me to appreciate being more physically active and judging by the size of my rear lately lord knows I need it. So the whole family is unanimous in outfitting ourselves with better day hiking gear and hitting as many trails as we can. Ellery was upset that I couldn't hike all the way to the top of the mountain today but in time...

We can't say enough great things about this place. The only bummer is all of the oil rigs, poisonous gas signs, and toxic smells that line some of the most beautiful mountain roads. What a shame that is indeed.

We met a real fun family here in a tiny older class C with three girls and an aunt. They were so down to earth and gave us some pointers for our travels. We are going to spend a couple of nights in Ruidoso and then head to Albuquerque to catch up on mail and get some rv maintenance done.

Pictures to come in a few days..can't do that with a phone I'm afraid.



Garnet said...

Ouch! Our hugs and comfort for Willow. Which, btw, depending how deep and how well that staple heals you can pull it out yourself. Done over 20 on my own body. Might ask for dissolving stiches next time so they can't suck you for more money. Darn ERs.

Little House On Wheels said...

Yeah, I hear ya. I used to remove post c/s staples myself when I was a medical assistant. Problem is I don't have a tool thin enough to get under the staple.

Luckily she is the only insured member of the family with medicaid, lol. We didn't have to wait too long and then we were off to Roswell.

TLGFLIZ said...

hey, glad you got to finally go again. got riki's map location on i knew you were safe once again. i will call you sometime this weekend.. glad willow is doing well .. have fun where you are now.. keep us posted and yes, we are in need of new photo's as always.. haha... love you all.. mom

The Valentine's said...

Poor Willow, hope all's well and you can continue you on your way soon.

Ima said...

More healing energies, Little House!!! From our crew to yours. Poor little :-(