Saturday, March 27, 2010

Still in Lousiana

We have been enjoying slow easy days here at the quiet campground in Lousiana. The Bove family came to join us in their bus and we have our own little community going. It has been quite a satisfying experience. It is as if we have our own neighbors and friends at the same time. Nobody is caught up in where we've been or where we are going, just enjoying where we are right now. I don't think any of us would mind living like this indefinitely. We spend our days catching up on laundry, hooping, drinking some beer, and having the kids take turns fishing in the nearby pond.

There is a idyllic country road from the campground. It is wooded on either side in some parts with sprawling pasture, cows, silos, and rundown farm buildings in other parts. It is very peaceful so the girls and I have been taking long walks or bike rides down there while having talks. I've gotta tell you that it's really nice to have fellow women I have a lot in common with and can discuss girl stuff with. This isn't something I get to experience often.

The only scary part is the snakes. Omg! We have seen several dead ones on our walks which keeps us very alert. We all talk about how these are the kind of snakes you see behind glass at a zoo, not the skimpy black racers we used to see in our backyards. Yikes! The men think they might be rattlers.

Tara gave me a wonderful book about raw diets and we are trying a few recipes out of there. I got a mini food processor for cheap at the store. It is so cute and compact. I have no expectations of our family being able to go 100% raw but if we could even get to 50% that would be great. So we're giving it a try. I just made an eggless egg salad today that turned out pretty good. Ellery loved watching the nuts grind up in the food processor.

So it looks like we will be here another week or so before we make the trek to Austin where I can't wait to find a health food store and stock up on some other raw food staples....not to mention grab some bottles of Kombucha. How I miss that stuff.

In the meantime we are just living easy over here without a whole lot of worries. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family with the same trials and tribulations and interests that we have to relate to. We can all talk freely without feeling self conscious or that we might offend somebody. That is certainly a luxury. We joke about starting our own intentional community type of rally in the desert somewhere, you know, before 2012 comes and the whole world ends....okay, half serious about that part but you never know and we all agree that being self sufficient and living off the land could be pretty darn important in the future.

More pictures to come when Riki finally gets a chance at posting them.


mommylori said...

I am really enjoying your blog. As we are packing our RV I am learning so much! It is so neat to see the community online with people doing this, I didn't know it existed till we already started getting ready.
I also love how you get to run into each other and visit on the road. Being in a group where you can say what you feel without judgment is a very rare thing enjoy your time in LA, also if you want to give me any tips, feel free.

Garnet said...

RAW rocks! Okay, sort of. Love the results, the engery, the health. Hate the expense and the fact it is extremely hard to do raw and still be local and seasonal (slow food). Weighs on the mind.

Okay, when is this rally and where? :)

Little House On Wheels said...

Yeah, I hear ya on the raw stuff. I tried it once before myself but I didn't have a book with recipes either. That's why I'm thinking half and half and some recipes are out.

For instance I'm not paying $15 for a bag of goji berries for one smoothie, lol.

Garnet said...

There are a lot of sites and forums for raw (or live food) that have great recipes. If you like smoothies, try glancing through a library copy of Green Smoothie Revolution. I found I can substitue the more expensive things with a little taste testing. By far my fav is still melon smoothies. :)

Glad you guys are enjoying the trip!

Kind regards,