Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Louisiana Living - We've extended our stay

...till next week. We will be off to Austin either with or behind the Bove's. Last week began Ellery's homeschooling; sorry Little Man, Spring Break was over.

The kids enjoying an early Easter present from their grandma.
Back to roadschool for Ellery. Willow likes to participate.

The Bove's arrived and it was fire circle time. We all passed the guitar around from myself, Tara and her daugher Chelsea. Much hooping in between live entertainment and of course, Willow cleaning up the dishes.

Then of course, back to roadschool and Ellery's latest assignment.

Ellery and Willow making more laundry detergent.



M said...

I've been "lurking" for awhile now, checking out your progress on your adventure. I'm not sure how I stumbled on to your blog, but I've been following the "on the road" and tiny house families for awhile now. Hope to join the traveling community before too much longer.

Don't know how much you've checked out the shopping scene in Austin, but I'd like to recommend. . .

Wheatsville Coop at 3101 Guadalupe as a wonderful natural /organic / just down right fun place to shop.

and for a place to park your rig there's. . .

Pecan Grove RV Park at 1518 Barton Springs Road. I have no idea what their rates are, but Pecan Grove is a sweet little community with the hospitality Austin is famous for.

If you need or want other suggestions for things to do in Austin, don't hesitate to contact me while you're in town.

Blessings and safe travels!

Auntie Em of Tejas Threads

ps - and on an educational note, be sure to check out the bats at the Congress Ave. bridge. This is the time of year they start their "show" and it is truly spectacular!

Little House On Wheels said...

Thanks so much for the tips. I'll definitely check out the coop for sure!

American Daze said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves and having a good visit. I really like the way those kids are captured in guys are truly blessed with some adorable children!

Penny said...

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