Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Day In New Orleans - Off To Kinder, LA

Our last day in New Orleans and we finally had a chance to see more that previously with the kids. It was much more laid back than St. Patty's day so I think the kids appreciated the tone being very low key.

Beautiful house we found at the near end of Bourbon Street.

The kids waiting ever so patiently for our food at the Cafe Beignet.

Well worth the wait and mommy had dusted herself with powder sugar with Ellery's last expression.

Always street performers somewhere, and here, Amy and Ellery walking down I think it was Pirates Alley. I couldn't decide if black and white or color does it more justice so both.

Our next stop was St. Louis Cathedral. Now I am an ex-Catholic so I haven't been to 'church' or confession in over 20 years. I was immediately floored by the cathedral. I was in a panic in finding the holy water before creeping up past the first row of pews to get these shots. After I found it, Ellery questioned me on the sign of the cross. 'When you are a little older....' I responded.

Taking a break watching some live street entertainment.

Then the cops showed up later on; on a scooter! I didn't do it I swear.

Two signs, especially the later, I found funny.

These were taken on Friday, the 19th. We hung out with the Bove Family that night for a few drinks at the park and Saturday morning headed out to the Quiet Oaks RV park just outside Kinder, LA. Note to self, avoid I-10 through New Orleans. We lost a hour of our travel time in traffic. It was madning.

We plan on staying here for a week probably two to catch up on mail, save some money etc before the long haul to Austin, Texas. The Bove Family is on the same route and should arrive here tomorrow sometime.

The park is nearly vacant with us and maybe three other full timers. It is pretty the surroundings and now that it is warming up, I should be able to post some more photos tonight.

Take care and Happy Viewing



American Daze said...

Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. Like the photos as always Rik..I like the black and white one too! Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. I'm ex-Catholic [happily atheist now :)]too but I love old church architecture.
That Cathedral looks beautiful.
Look forward to reading more of your journey.
Oh and one thing though, it's St. Patrick's Day or Paddy's Day, no Patty's Day please!! I'm Irish and we never call it that and cringe when we hear Americans say it. Patty's day just sounds ...wrong. Patty is a woman's name anyway so it doesn't fit.
Christina in Wicklow Ireland(following you from Ravelry)