Monday, March 1, 2010

Gaining momentum

The one thing I have learned from this journey so far is that you can't plan ANYTHING. I mean, you can but you have no guarantee that something won't happen to derail that original plan. It is only up to the universe, not us, to decide if that plan is adequate enough. In light of this, I like to think that I have become a lot more laid back about planning, at least every little detail, that's for sure.

We went Friday to have our awning fixed only to realize that not only the left spring assembly but that the right as well was we ordered another part and now we are staying with my family in Lakeland a couple more days until the part comes in and we can have the other side fixed as well. Then we are on our way!

The plan has changed a bazillion times according to possible work and right now with no work on the horizon it is pretty much wide open. It isn't that I'm thrilled to have no work on the horizon but I am relieved to be able to pretty much pick any route right now to get the heck out of here and on our adventure. It looks like we will be making a stop in Lake City and then on to an old Florida state park for almost a week of relaxing in the woods, just the way we like it. Then we are stopping by Pensacola to drop off some Good Sam mail forwarding info in person. I look forward to a lovely drive on the coast of the panhandle which is something I haven't seen in years. I'm sure Riki is personally thrilled to not have to pass through the Georgia border and Valdosta which we like to refer to as the Bermuda triangle of road trips (long story of breakdowns and bad experiences in general there).

Soooo.....most advice is to keep far south with this brutal winter weather and us native Floridians who haven't a clue about driving in ice or I think I'm gonna get my wish to pass through New Orleans for once in my life and then it is west, west, quickly as possible to enjoy the economical benefits of some boondocking.

All there is left to say is that I can't wait to get out on the open road and see places I've never seen before!



Forest-Dweller said...

Yes, try to avoid Gergia and get West as fast as you can! Oh, wait...TAKE ME WITH YOU. I am at the very center of the Bermuda triangle. The kids and I are willing to ride on the bumper...Ill pay.

Diane said...

Far South is a pretty good idea. We are in Georgia and recieved 5 inches of snow today.

Tammy said...

Hi there, Amy...I just made my blog private for a variety of reasons. I wanted to send you an invitation, but I need your email address. If you'd like an invitation, can you email me at

Thanks, ;)