Thursday, March 4, 2010

The journey has officially begun!

We just started our adventure in the most wonderful little BFE campground near Lake City. With our passport America discount it ends up only being $15 a night. It is an intimate little place in a picturesque country setting. They even have friendly animals here like some adorable goats, peacocks, and a beautiful yellow rooster. There are some wooded nature trails and they even have a couple of hydrotherapy tubs in the shower house! I can't wait to soak in one sometime this afternoon. We are getting ready to take a bike ride down the long country dirt road that we turned down to get in the campground.

The owner has three girls who were eager to play with Ellery when they got home from school yesterday. Imagine my surprise and delight when the nine year old was jump roping. I'm used to nine year olds with cell phones and electronic toy guns from my old neighborhood, lol. She and Ellery shared a jump rope tune they both had learned at school. I could learn to like it here.

Our neighbors are as friendly as can be....a couple living in an old airstream trailer to our left and a retired vet living in his montana to our right. Everybody waves when they drive by. There are no concrete slabs or clubhouses or paved roads here....just old country fences, lots of trees, solitude, and animals...

Oh, and the icing on the cake...when we drove what seemed like miles to get to the nearest grocery store today they had my favorite beer from Atlanta, sweetwater 420! Indeed, life is sweet right now.

Next stop in a few days...Torreya State Park in Bristol as we make our way to the panhandle.