Monday, February 22, 2010

Slowly....barely....getting there

List of items repaired.

New piping for the bypass system to the water heater. Kudos goes to Toms RV Parts in Seffner, Florida. Don't go to your major home improvement stores for certain supplies. Definitely go to a RV parts store such as Tom's. I found that out real quick. New blackwater valve. Tow bar and mounts installed on the Geo. By the way, the Geo is a deep green so the term "Toad" is quite appropriate. Digital TV converter for the analog TV for local weather and news. Replaced the original blackwater tank vent with the Cyclone for the odors; works like a CHARM! And of course a bike rack for the GEO. I really didn't want to install one on the back of the RV. So with this said, things are finally lining up.

Resolution to the Awning issue. -

I appreciate others comments in trying to assist us. Telephone calls were made and once more, one out of two - no call back for pricing and scheduling. The other, I'm over the phone tag.

I finally spoke with RV World of Lakeland and they did the scheduling and finally, gave a price to repair the ever eluding left-rear spring assembly. This is set for Friday at 10 so finally we will be hitting the road.

I've been getting more subconsultant work and it appears that the timing of the awning will work out perfectly. I will be working part time for the next three days (only three hours per day). So by Friday when we take the RV to repair the awning, this works out great. There may be another project near or in Orlando that may be coming up so I hope that we can find somewhere to stay for the price and with the GEO in tow, drive out to the job site and additional funds will be reaped.

Regarding the doom and gloom I must apologize. I understand we are trying to keep it real, and I'm happy to know that all of you enjoy, empathize and appreciate our posts. Things are what they are and well, I suppose that we were feeling a bit down on not moving forward with the RV along with our lives on the road.

We'll continue to keep it real ;) and thank you all for your support,



Angel said...

I am so glad you are posting all of the trials and tribulations of trying to get on the road. It is something I have always wanted to do, but I need an RV first. :P Knowing what can happen and how you are surviving it is so good to hear because you don't ever read about the real life issues and road blocks that come with an RV on many of the other blogs. I hope we would be able to go this route in the future. Thanks so much for your inspirational and honest posts, it is great to hear about. Thanks so much, I love reading your updates, Angelina in Kansas

The Munday Family said...


we also have a class C motorhome, 23 ft, so very similar to yours size wise. We will be leaving for 14 months this June with 4 of us and a dog. The 2 kids (19 and 9 yrs) will have to share the overcab bed as we want to have the table remaining as a table and not a bed. Our daughter, the 19 yr old will be doing to University in September so we will be driving here there, across the country to set her up and find her a place to rent etc. How do you guys manage with the space with your 2 kids? Do they share a sleeping space? What about books, toys etc, are you finding it cramped? I am a bit worried about the lack of storage we won't have. We have decided against towing a vehicle.

We don't have a TV in our RV but are considering having one installed for the rainy days we can all watch a movie.

Any insight you can give us would be great!

Cheers, the Munday Family

Little House On Wheels said...

Woo, that's a lot so I'll try to keep it short. Our 8yo sleeps in the bunk and our 3yo sleeps on the couch which folds out into a bed. Ellery keeps most of his toys in his bunk. We have a wicker basket that holds Willow's toys and a few larger items are stashed under the bed.

Honestly we had to get rid of A LOT of things and toys. We don't have a storage space either. We are used to living in small houses already around 800SF so maybe that has made the transition and having less stuff easier.

I think our kids are too young to feel deprived really and they aren't used to have a lot anyway. We never had a tv at home. We have one here but don't really watch it. The kids enjoy tv shows or movies on netflix from time to time from the computer. They both enjoy the outdoors a lot and of course homeschooling takes up most mornings anyway.

I really find our space more cozy than cramped. The few books I kept are in the overhead cabinets. I think if we tried to bring more stuff we might be more cramped and miserable but resolving to get rid of most of our belongings made it much easier.

Good luck with your journey! I can't help with the teenager of course;) I can imagine that could be a little rough on her but as long as she can get out into her own space outdoors and it is only temporary she should be fine.

A positive outlook about the whole thing goes a long way as well:)

Btw-if you look in our early entries you will see some interior photos as well.

The Munday Family said...

wow, yours is HUGE compared to ours! It is nice that you have a regular bed in yours at the back, ours is a double but only one person can get in/out at a time thru the corner entrance!