Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Brigid's day dinner

Okay, so I'm like over a week behind on this photo and it is now almost Valentine's Day already! Last Monday was too rainy to start a fire and cook popcorn over it as I had initially planned but we had a nice little dinner indoors where the kids helped make Brigit soup and braided Brigit bread from the book "Circle Round".


Tan Family said...

We love Circle Round! Beautiful bread. :)

Freely Living Life said...

The bread looks wonderful! :)

We just came across your blog today. It feel good to see another family truly living life out here.

Best wishes!

Alice said...

Hi Amy

I saw your blog on FOTR so I thought I would check it out. Thanks for writing about your family's day to day and life on the road in your motor home.

I am new to FOTR and am enjoying getting to know everyone.

I hope the repairs are done quickly and that you do get out on the road soon.


Alice said...

Hi Again

I forgot to ask my question - what is Brigid soup and bread?


Little House On Wheels said...

Hi Alice. February 1st marks a pagan holiday called Imbolc or Brigid's day. Catholics call it Candlemas and it is the day when candles are all blessed in the church. Goddess Brigid or St. Brigid as she was later called is celebrated on this day which marks the end of winter and promise of spring to come. We celebrate these sort of holidays as a part of our waldorf curriculum so to speak. Hope that isn't even more confusing!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

I'm confused :-)

Visiting from FOTR