Monday, February 1, 2010

Moving forward and taking things as they come

We were finally able to file our taxes and it looks as though we are expecting more of a refund than we initially expected. Woohoo! I guess that is what happens when you get laid off in the beginning of the year and then collect unemployment for the remainder. We are relieved to get moving on that and we are in the process of getting our tow hitch set up. The guy is ordering the parts now which will take about five days. It is actually costing about $500 less than we budgeted so that is great too...ah, but on the flipside....

there was much cussing tonight when Riki discovered a new problem. We found a wet spot on the carpet in the bedroom seeming to come from underneath. After some investigating he found some major leaks in some almost rusted out pipes in the back that he cannot fix on his own. Excuse my very "laywoman" version of this since I'm not a mechanical person. He says it wasn't there before but now the piping needs replacing as well as the water heater. Hmmm...looks like the extra money we had saved on the tow hitch is flying right out the window on that. Somebody we met at the rally joked about not saying "money" in the rv or something will break down. It seems funny that as soon as we get the news on our refund a repair came up. I guess it isn't superstition after all, haha.

I was really hoping to make it to the kid's music camp by this weekend at Suwannee but I knew it was pushing it. It is free and only once a year and who knows when I will make it back to Florida again at just the time they are having it but oh well...this is part of that whole go with the flow mentality I'm trying to embrace. The tow hitch guy won't get the parts in for at least five days anyway and now this's just cutting it too close.

We are still hoping to head out by sometime next week. Now that we won't be stopping at Suwannee our main destination is the Cheaha state park in Alabama. They told Riki on the phone that we could come pretty much anytime for a camphosting position which means free site. I'm thinking of stopping at another state park in Macon, GA on the way there and I'm not missing a tour of the sweetwater brewery in Atlanta since it is after all my favorite beer. Then we will head out for the month long Alabama gig....

of course this is all subject to change of depending on which way the universe blows so to speak. Just getting out of here and hitting the open road will be the breath of fresh air we need.

In the meantime I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed on the status of rv repair after the mobile mechanic guy comes by hopefully tomorrow.