Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Multiple updates in one - Lutz, Florida

Homeschooling - During homeschooling, we sometimes make bread or other items to break up the morning. Willow here helping out with the butter.

With the weather being so nice most of the time, some of Ellery's studies are done outside. It is especially nice being lake side.

Fishing - Ellery with his Grandpa and a few cane poles with earthworms.

Laundry Day - Here's how we manage Laundry when given a chance.

Take Care and Enjoy



Carolee / Home4ever said...

Hi, I just found all the roadschooling families while reading homeschooling blogs.

I LOVE the idea of roadschooling!

We just stared homeschooling my 12 yr old this year.

Check out our blog:

Tammy said...

I surely enjoy following your journey...I wish our family could do what you all are doing. :)

I loved the video of doing the laundry! And Amy...your patchwork skirt (pants? can't quite tell) is gorgeous. :)

Little House On Wheels said...

Thanks Tami! I made that skirt quite a few years ago when I used to make a lot of patchwork clothing.

American Daze said...


Impatient Explorer said...

Someone told me there was another “Little House On Wheels” blog and being curious I did a search… and here you are. I love your blog and considering that everything is falling apart in my little house on wheels I don’t feel alone. I need two windows replaced and the fan replaced. Emoting is good and keeps you from being… uh grumpy. So emote that is what blogs are for.

I have promised some people that I will take up blogging again and I have been working on an entry…. Then I found your blog and got lost for a while. My little house on wheels is a van and I share it with my mother. We are in Arizona until the end of March (hopefully) and then we will be heading to North Carolina.
Hang in there, things will start looking up again.

As far as the laundry is concern I had the old fashion wringer washer. Washing baby clothes was a real pain.