Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring happenings.

I am thankful to report that Riki has found a job at Graham's Grille which is one of the most popular and respectable restaurants in town. This is where he has wanted to work since we moved here so it really is a blessing. He will do really well there in the summer and we will have to be mindful of tucking money away to survive the winter. Even so far his hours are only part time and the tourist season hasn't cranked up yet.

This Florida girl is trying so hard not to complain about the cold weather which extends into spring here. By now in Florida temps would be in the 70's and I would have already been complaining in January, haha. I don't so much mind the cold weather when there is something exciting to behold like snow but when it is just cold and windy and you can't even go outside to take a walk without a dust mask, I can't say I'm having a good time. So far I would say that spring is my least favorite season in Taos, having experienced the other three. Having said that I do have some springtime photos. It is a little exciting to actually see things starting to grow back, even if it doesn't feel warm enough for anything to grow to me. After all, in Florida palm trees are green year round so seeing the blossoming and hearing the birds chirp after a dead winter is curious for us all.

 the little green blooms are coming back on this dead tree
 I just love these wild desert plants but this is the first time I've seen the blooms on them
 the kids taking a nature walk in our "backyard"
 the kids always fight over doing laundry by hand. Seriously


liz said...

glad to see some photo's again.. its been a long while. doesnt look too cold this particular day. kids dont have jackets on.. yes, its warm here. today was 83 degrees.. yes, the plants are green.. my timothy tree has all bran new leaves.. he looks great. i already hate the heat.. haha. goes to show ya, no matter where you are you will complain..i know riki will blossom in his new job.. great to hear the news.. try to stay warm now and enjoy your spring.. see you soon.. love ya

Little House On The Mesa said...

Yeah, that day was actually warmer than 60. Woohoo. That's why I joked before that the kids must be getting used to the weather because they decided it was tshirt day.

Jason said...

Whats cool about a good dose of winter is that you will anticipate and appreciate the other three seasons.

Glad to hear about the job as well.