Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ellery, the budding photographer

I should probably clarify that the latest pictures posted on the blog were taken by me from a much inferior camera to the one Riki normally uses. I really wanted to be able to take my own pictures throughout the day, just because I want to document things, not because I'm in any way particularly interested in photography as an art form. His camera is way too complicated and heavy for this. Now that I have a tiny point and shoot type of camera Ellery has been also experimenting with using it and I thought I would post some of the pictures he had taken about a month ago.

So I think Riki took this last one but I thought it was cute


liz said...

great photo's .. you could be a great photographer like your dad one day soon.. practice practice.. practice smiling too.. i want to take lots of photo's of you when i get there.. cant wait to see you soon.. love grandma