Monday, November 22, 2010

Trying to de stress and don't buy from toysrus

I really look forward to a more lighthearted post. I'm sure it is coming. I just don't know when. The wheel is always turning, isn't it? Sometimes you are at the top and sometimes at the bottom. Right now it just so happens that we are at the bottom I suppose. Brokedown car with no way to get to the store....certainly can't walk to one, this nasty virus that hit Ellery first so bad that he had to go to the ER and now I've been blessed with the same gut wrenching stomach pains for several days...and the only person who is there at your disposable to help isn't the best influence to be around either. And now Toysrus....

For quite a number of years now I have tried to do my best to support local and/or handmade type of toys and businesses. There are many reasons for that and this is one of them. Riki's mom generously sent us some money for the kids' birthdays which of course, are a week apart. There aren't a whole lot of places in Taos to buy toys so mail order really is the best option. Since there were some things Ellery wanted at Toysrus and they offered free shipping I decided to order grandma's gifts from there so that she could kind of pick out in her local store what I would buy. For whatever reason Toysrus puts my single order into two different packages and although their website says they will be shipped UPS, one is shipped ground and another a different UPS service. Well, we have a weird shipping situation here because we cannot receive physical mail at our address. We can receive UPS or fed ex directly to the house but we need a PO Box for anything shipped through the postal service. So I received the package from Toysrus with Ellery's gift but not the one with Willow's. I find out that the package was delivered by UPS to the post office and thus sent back to Toysrus because for some ridiculous reason it was sent a different tier of shipping than the one I received, all ordered the same day at the same time.

Soooo....I call Toysrus with my dilemma. You see, by the time they receive the package back Willow's birthday will be past since it is Monday. Their customer service is appalling. First off, all of the people working at the call center are new. They will not allow me to talk to a physical supervisor because they are all supposedly busy and I must wait 24 hours for a phone call. The best they can offer me is a credit which will take 5-7 days to process, after her birthday is over. Why can't they simply send me another package with the items I ordered and expedite the shipping to get here by the weekend? They have evidence through tracking that the items are on their way back to them. Is Toysrus as a huge corporation so short on profit that they cannot accommodate me or my little girl whose birthday is coming up until my package is received?? This is just bogus. They suggested I reorder now and when they receive it they will issue a refund and I explained that I don't have the money lying around to do that, not to mention that they will never receive my business again. So they cannot offer me money in my bank account or physical goods until after her birthday is passed....and I ordered almost two weeks ago to be sure they would get here in time.

I am just so livid right now and exasperated. We have no car. Riki is bumming rides to work. Since he is working Thanksgiving I need to buy stuff by tomorrow at the latest so that I can start preparing on Wednesday so that we can have dinner early in the day before he gets to work....and now I have to figure out Willow's birthday since I can't just go out and buy new gifts until I have the money to do it, not to mention that I can't replace the same items because nobody here carries them. And on top of that I'm sick.

I keep thinking in the back of my mind that I have all the knowledge to cope with all of these things at once. Be calm. Realize that life is everchanging and you can't control it. That things could be a lot worse. I'm trying. I really am. I told both customer service people at Toysrus that I realize this isn't their fault. I just can't seem to muster anything better than that right now. I'm just waiting for that wheel to turn again.


Family of Movers said...

Hey, I think the weekend sucked thanks to 2 stupid full moons. If it makes you feel better - our weekend has sucked bad- fights with my parents and my husband about our lifestyle - it just isn't good. I can't wait to get through the holiday's and have life return to life without the added stress. I guess the thing I have to remind myself is that this too shall pass.

Little House On Wheels said...

Hey, I'm glad I'm not alone then and that there is a planetary explanation for all of this, haha.