Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tijeras to Taos - Photo catch up - Part II

Then we had apurchased items which one, was the solar oven. We did buy two 123W solar panels including the regulator, an inverter and the wiring needed. BUT...I need to find out the best possible routing of the wiring; our Class C only has one house battery. I really want to remove the microwave to make way for the wiring through the oven vent and remove the generator which has not worked for oh since we got the RV. I can place two 6 volt batts there and have plenty of amphours even running them down to 50% for DC power. Well that is another installation story as far as upgrades and repairs so here are some additional catch up photos for all.

 Last day in Tijeras

 Dinner ready yet???

 Through a child's eyes; the last silk fort here.

And some people where their skull on their sleeve ;p




tlgfliz said...

what did you cook in that sun oven? how did it turn out? looks neat.. different then i expected.

Little House On Wheels said...

So far we've only cooked rice in it which is pretty quick and easy. We've had some fickle weather here now in the canyon where it is partly cloudy in the afternoon so haven't had a good opportunity to use it much yet. It has to be full sun.