Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tijeras to Taos - Photo catch up - Part I

Petroglyph National Park - This first few was our trek up one of the three sisters, extinct volcanos west of the Park. Sorry, no petroglyphs here but still a fun hike. The later photos we hit the other side of the Park and finally found quite a few petroglyphs along the trails. Ellery is seen doing his junior Ranger exercise to draw his favorite one.

The first and only sister we hiked up that day.

New hiking 'shoes'.

Almost to the top and look at the town in the valley.

At the top of one 'sister', with the other in the background. 

We found a friend who was keeping the flies at bay. Here Lizard lizard!

NOW we're talking, this is where there are an abundant amount of petroglyphs.

I would like to think the alien on the left is trying to find his parked craft to the right to get home.

 At the top of the hike.

Ellery finalizing his Junior Ranger program.




Jenna Gayle said...

Awesome! Do you know how tall the sisters are? I've never heard of them myself... but then again I don't have too vast a knowledge of the west! Y'alls hiking shoes are on my list of wants :) My brother got some a few months back that I tried out (sad he's a foot taller than me and our feet are so close!). It's suprising how comfortable they are compaired to how comfy they look!

tlgfliz said...

hey great.. looks like quite a hike for you.. bet you were tired after that one. so glad to see photos again.. its been a good whle.. i think the kids grew a foot.. ha.. have fun.. thanks for sharing.. love ya