Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Well, after all the TIRE-ing drama from last night and today, some levity and nature

Well I am just beat from these past few hours and though, we have seen the sights of Ruidoso (though short lived) to the loooooong wait along I-25 and of course admiring the wildlife of the Walmart (ONE cotton tail rabbit) here are my photo updates.

But first, I must say, Ruidoso is BEAUTIFUL. I didn't bring my camera due to showeres either present or to come on both days we were there. I will say it DID kinda remind me of Pigeon Forge in TN. Very quaint, very friendly and very COOL.

I want to say again thank you to our camp Host with the most Justin or helping with the transmission, his insight of the area and information as well as just being great company shooting the poo outside the RV. He was so thoughtful of the kids and bless his heart, all of us. I'm so glad that from Brantely Park, to Roswell to Ruidoso, we have met very nice and informative people; we and I thank you.

Then the tire blew 50 miles outside of ALB. Might as well take some pics. The tire in the background of the 181 Mile marker was not ours. After close inspection along the side of the road, many others have blown their tires at this point. There were shreads of tire everywhere.

We finally arrived at our site the next day.

Thank GAWD. Though the Walmart was inviting, I couldn't wait to get the heck out to our reservation. I will say this, Kudos to Circle J tires and Gina for hooking us up with our new back tires and prompt service.

Enjoy and happy travels



American Daze said...

Great scenes...Glad you made it to your reservation for some r&r...

admiring the wildlife of the Walmart (ONE cotton tail rabbit)...too funny!

Little House On Wheels said...

I know, right? It was in one of those little median things with gravel and shrubbery. Woohoo.