Friday, June 4, 2010

Old Town in Albuquerque

Yesterday we continued our ongoing love affair with New Mexico by visiting Old Town. It is a quaint little village of historic adobes housing art galleries, restaurants, and shops, bricked courtyards with fountains, and other architectural loveliness. We had lunch in an old 1700's adobe and were serenaded by a flamenco guitar player near our table. Riki is trying to enjoy authentic southwestern food but is beginning to think he just prefers the non authentic Florida kind with more seasoning and spice. I discovered how smooth and superior agave is to traditional tequila, not that I've ever been a huge tequila fan anyway.

I love the adobe structures because they reinforce my dream of building a cob house. I love the hand sculpted look and how benches and shelves are carved out of the adobe itself....then decorated with colorful southwestern pillows and rugs. That reminds me that we need to look into the cob building workshops when we get to Oregon.

I had my first Trader Joe's experience in the city as well. I couldn't believe they had organic bread for $2 a loaf! We managed to buy a good amount of groceries with some splurges for around $50. I sure hope we see plenty more of those stores in our travels. Downtown appears to have a plethora of locally owned  businesses from clothing boutiques to cafe's to music stores. It is really refreshing to see instead of the usual franchise strip malls. It is similar to Austin but has a lot more culture on the outskirts of town.

We are finding that we really enjoy the balance of staying a bit outside of the city where we can enjoy a quiet rustic atmosphere but to be able to drive where we can buy healthy food or eat at a restaurant. We are starting to think this would be the ideal living situation for us as well to live just outside of the city and have the best of both worlds.

Riki and I both agree that we could totally see ourselves settling down here. We just get a good vibe from New Mexico in general. We may even price some cheap land while we are here. Then we are off to Santa Fe/Taos before we make our way to Colorado.



Mouse said...

My husband and I lived in NM for about a year and loved it.. we were in Las Cruces. I really loved the Santa Fe area but its much more expensive than the rest of NM -- cool though and the mountains are gorgeous.

Little House On Wheels said...

Oh yeah, that's cool. What made you leave?

Yeah, we know that the Santa Fe/Taos area is waaayy out of our price range, lol, so we will only be able to visit there;) Heck, I can't even find a reasonably priced campground to stop through.

Jenna Gayle said...

My hubby and I love cob houses, too, and would like to have one some day. I need to do more research on them, though, as they say they need a good bit of dry days to build and here in South Georgia those are few and far between! Love the pictures of the town! San Antonio, TX is the fartherst west I've been and didn't get to see too many towns like this. :)

Little House On Wheels said...

Jenna, we didn't notice too many towns in Texas like this either. That isn't to say there aren't any because we didn't see ALL of Texas.

I hear you on the cob houses. That is one of the reasons we wanted to leave Florida.