Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tinkertown and beyond

And Ellery with his new found friend Brian, along with Willow and Molly enjoying the outdoors of the campground





American Daze said...

I like the photos Rik....a few I favored were..the black smith shop, "...done right the first time"...."Fer snake bite"...and of course the ole west "hippies" playing guitar.

Kinda reminds me of the tv series "Dead Wood" and another series that use to air about a traveling old west circus.

Glad you and your family are getting to enjoy it....

Little House On Wheels said...

Exactly. The guy who built all of these crazy things used to work for the circus and was a traveling gypsy.

Tara Bove said...

hey! and yes you should sell that ah! Your knitting is superb and you put so much love into it! Gorgeous things! People of the world want to enjoy them! <3

Wait on the doula thing for right now, Amy, I have done it for 9 years, and it is a beautiful thing to do, but, a 36hour birth keeping you from your home and children within the next few years may not be something you want and it happens. From the psychic, focus, on your talents that you have now, that you can use now. I may even host a training in Oregon! We can do it there, lol.
I will actually be teaching my own Labor and Postpartum Doula Business classes if you are interested at that point. However, just for right now, enjoy your time you have, keep knitting, come sell some things in Eugene! We are talking of a booth rental at the crafters market. I hope you guys come live with us in Oregon! haha! Fun! <3 so much love to you and yours and yes, sometimes when you break down, you should stop and smell the roses, or hell, shop for land! eh, ya never know what is around the next bend as the rubber highway unfolds!