Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's adventure - Carlsbad Caverns!

Boy the kids, looking at the brochures, could not wait to get there this morning. We found another RV park in White City (??) that was only 30 dollars a night with discount and right smack on the road to the entrance of the caverns.

The drive up was rather um...hilly. I haven't driven in 'mountains' in some time, but I suppose it wasn't that bad and good practice to gear up for the travels to come. Get it? Gear up? Okay bad. I had a heck of a time picking which photos to post so bear with my over post-ness of pics, but I went literally wild with photos here, then there....

Ellery passed his Junior Ranger 'test' and received his first badge (one of the photos you see him going through the questionaire and games). Unfortunately my battery in my camera gave way.

We did not hike the whole cavern trail one, due to Amy's feet and two, Willow was a bit freaked out by the time we hit the 0.75 mile mark. But still it IS quite a sight to see.

May 17, 2010 - Correction we did not stay at the $30.00 a night park. If we would have known of this place, we would have stayed at least one night to be right down the road from the national park entrance.




I could have posted more Cavern Coolness but there were too many to choose from.




Tammy said...

What a beautiful place!!!

The Valentine's said...

Love the pics, Ellery will find a lot more Junior Ranger programs to enjoy as you continue westwards!
So, are the bats there? Are you going to see their exit flight? Looking forward to those pics too!

craig.boisseau said...

you could have posted more. i want more stalactites!

Little House On Wheels said...

Ali, they don't allow cameras at the bat flight. I'm going to try and talk Riki into going back there tonight since we head to a nearby state park tomorrow. They had it last night but we didn't know about it and we went in the morning.

Jenna Gayle said...

I've been hearing lots about these caverns I'm going to have to add them to my places to see before I die!

Ima said...

Super cool... Rik you take lovely, lovely pictures!