Thursday, May 13, 2010

Owl Creek-the good, the bad, and the ugly

We went to a place called Owl Creek on the corp of engineer lands near Belton, Tx for our first boondocking experience. It was interesting to say the least. Our first disappointment was with the fact that this place really doesn't accommodate rvs. Although there is a beautiful open campground available to the public the entire perimeter is enclosed by a little two foot high fence....great for tent camping but not so great if you have an just so happened that the only rv spot available was almost right off the water with the exception of a nearby concrete parking lot. Since we arrived on a Saturday this place was packed with locals camping for the weekend. We suspected that they would all leave on Sunday so we could get the one rv spot near the lake. We camped in the parking lot and sure enough, they all packed up and left the next day so we pulled right on in.

I will say this. The place is beautiful. It is a rather mountainous area in Texas and lots of fishermen come out for boating. The first think that shocked us when the weekenders left was the amount of garbage they left behind. It was rather disgusting and we had to clean the camping area ourselves before we could relax. Then if you thought that couldn't get disgusting enough we figured out that the rv that left before us dumped out his pee all on the ground. Yep. Pretty disgusting. We had to cover that up with some old ashes. Yuck.

Beautiful as the place was it was a bit spoiled by the less than desireable characters who showed up. This is more of a place that people come to get into trouble it seems where they aren't under the watchful eye of the law....lots of loud cursing right around the kids, underage drinking, general partying. I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but this company was definitely too crass for us.

My allergies worsened and the wind was brutal so I spent most of the days cooped up inside. Then as a last hurrah we had what I considered hurricane force winds last night rocking the rv back and forth like we were out at sea in a storm. I was absolutely petrified! I'm from Florida and being in a house in hurricanes was nothing like this. I could hear the wind howling over the roof and around the windows and I thought the worst was going to happen. It was like this for hours and we were in the middle of nowhere so I was quite panicked. Then the house battery was dying and the propane gas alarm kept going off in the middle of the night until Riki started the engine. It was craziness. I guess we can assume that five days is the maximum we can boondock without any extra batteries or solar....and that is bare minimum, no lights at night, nothing.

So here we are tonight at the Flying J's and I'm extremely exhausted. Between allergies, obnoxious campers, and wind gusts rocking the rv I don't think I've had a good night sleep in days. It's funny but somehow I think this crowded Flying J without all the flora and fauna around will give me the slumber I desperately need to recharge my batteries.


liz said...

hey, glad you made it ok to the flying j and trust me.. i can remember when that flying j sign up ahead made me feel all warm and cozy inside too.. ah, the days on the road.. hopefully with other campers around you close by tonight it will block the wind. im glad you got out of that riff raff. be safe tomorrow.. keep us posted.. love the pics... love mom

American Daze said...

wow...Some folks have no respect! Hate that you guys had a crappy week....maybe next week will be better. We only have one battery and can only charge via shore power. Gotta look into the solar if we ever boondock.


Cathy Givans said...

Sorry to hear that you followed behind some not so mindful campers. Gives us some things to think about as we start compiling our "getting on the road dos and donts".

liz said...


Garnet said...

Good news is that not all "free spots" are like that place. Bad news is that noisey neighbors are the norm on weekends in most state and national campgrounds, blm lands included. Worse on major holidays (mem-day, labor, 4th especially). You will find that true at some nightstops (truck stops, w-marts, etc), but there it is the teens cruising the only strip in town. *shrug*

The garbage though, that I'm not used to seeing. Did the place not have a campground host? Rangers? ugh. Rotten, dirty, disrespectful people.

How did the little ones enjoy being there?

Little House On Wheels said...

Yeah, I figured not all sites will be like that. Plus, we would have felt a bit safer around fellow rv'ers knowing that had a purpose for being there so to speak.

We did see someone come by to pick up the garbage after the weekend and some ground maintenance. Otherwise I didn't see anybody official come by while we were there.
The little ones did okay since there was a lot of fishing they could do.

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh! I am just shaking my head right now over the thoughtlessness of some people!

And by the way, I love the little map of the states you've visited at the bottom of your blog. I hope you make it to Idaho sometime! Where is your destination?