Friday, May 7, 2010

Our last day in Austin - Photo compilation

Well seeing that we really haven't been out, and taking care of the household since Amy's fall I have been lagging on posting updates for you all. So here is a semi-montage of photos of our remaining weeks here at Austin; though very far and few.

Our anniversary night out and I was SHOCKED at how CHEAP it was. Oh and this was before Amy's big fall :O.

Of course loving the pool.

And here Mommy and all of us got to see some live music and have a time out at Freddy's, they even had a playground for the kids. Ellery wanted no pictures so alas....he'll show up eventually.

May Day Celebration photos

Hat day for the girls

And today, Barton Springs. D.amn that water was cold

We will be signing off for a time since we will be trying our hand at boondocking in Owl Creek (ACOE Lands) for the next week so I am sure we will have plenty more photos and Amy's narrative to go along with our journey. As Amy had stated, I think we are all due a little time in the woods so to speak. Being a long time primitive camper myself, I do miss the quiet and peacefulness of it. I hope the Bass are awaiting our call.

Take care and happy travels to all. Family, our thoughts are with you.



Ima said...

Happy Trails family!!!! Enjoy!

That Crazy Family said...

Beautiful photo's!! Perhaps some day once we hit the road we will run into you guys!