Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just trying to keep warm

This is some COLD weather for a Florida girl like me. We aren't used to this kind of weather down here. Seriously. It seems funny that the one year we have record lows coincides with our moving into an rv. We have discovered that propane goes quick and gets expensive after awhile, even with modest temps inside. I keep the thermostat at like 63. The kids were over the moon when we had frost one day. You know your kids are from Florida when they are outside gently scooping up weeds with ice on them like it is a novelty...and then of course the ice melts as soon as the sun is up. Poor things want to see snow so bad. I tell them soon enough. In the meantime there has been a bit of cabin fever being holed up a lot. On most days it seems too cold to venture out  for a campfire and definitely too cold to sit under the awning.

We are still struggling to conserve our tanks. It is quite a dilemma. The sensors for all of the holding tanks don't work and always show full, lol. Our indicator is when the grey water starts overflowing into the shower. Yuck. It seems to me we are dumping too often, at least once every five days. We try to conserve but I'm not sure what else we should be doing. We eat at home all the time and I think that makes it worse because you have all those dishes to wash on a regular basis.

Homeschooling is going meh. We are definitely having some struggles. Ellery is easily distracted and it seems my luck that when we are trying to do a lesson daddy or grandpa decides to do something more exciting outside and he is highly upset to not be a part of it. We are getting through it but not smoothly, that's for sure. Everything is too easy or too hard but it is all too boring so I'm told. Personally I think he is trying his boundaries and I'm hoping we find a comfort zone soon. After being mad at me this morning he whittled a stick and said it was a chalkboard pointer for I guess I'm not so terrible after all, haha.

This weekend we are heading to the families on the road rally. I'm a little nervous socializing in large groups of people which means I end up not talking at all and looking like a snob or talking way too much out of nervousness....just so you know if you happen to be going.

Plans from there are contingent on money of course. This car we have to tow is currently a huge thorn in my side. Apparently it costs a ridiculous amount of money to have a proper tow hitch installed and that is the only thing between us and getting the heck out of Florida. There is a kids music camp in Suwannee I would like to take Ellery too but I just can't commit to it yet. We really hate to go up there without the hitch and then have to drive all the way back down here before going back up to leave the state. As soon as the income tax refund comes in we can get out of here. It isn't that we don't have the monthly living expenses. It is just the freaking up front cost for the tow hitch. Riki has been guaranteed a camphosting position in Alabama so we talked about going there in February but because of the weather and our zero experience driving in snow we think we might better wait until March. So we may spend another month in Florida after all, yet moving as soon as we possibly can for change of scenery. It is beautiful here and you can't beat the serenity of the property. Nevertheless we do need to spread our wings and start flying elsewhere if you know what I mean;)


Jen said...

hi there! just popping in to send good vibes. I have loads of "meh" days.

I suggest this in a time when I am going less and less unschooling, but for now, how would it be to let the boy work with his dad and grampa? There can be a lot of learning opportunities working alongside them. (Please disregard if this is a frustrating suggestion - just brainstorming from afar.)

Happy trails

Rhonda said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and I love reading about your life in an RV. I too am in Florida and know what you mean about the excitement of finding frost on the grass. We put the sprinkler out for our daughter last night so she could see the icicles when she woke up. She was so excited.

Great Post!

Little House On Wheels said...

Hey Jen, not frustrating suggestion at all. I have even wondered if he would benefit more from unschooling. Just flying by the seat of my pants with no curriculum or plan scares the crap out of me, haha! We are done by noon though and he has plenty of time in the afternoon to do that stuff.

Rhonda, thanks for the compliment and keep your fingers crossed. It looks like we are on a warming trend!

little castle said...

Hi Amy, just stopping in to say hi like I told you I would.

And if I could hijack the education conversation, flying by the seat of my pants scared me at first too. It's been one of the most freeing and enriching things we've ever done.

It was nice chatting with you yesterday!

Little House On Wheels said...

Hey Krystal, now I know who you are, haha! I too enjoyed our little talk. I've been having a lot of nudging in the unschooling direction during the trip. I guess I'm still finding my way so to speak so we'll see what happens.