Friday, January 8, 2010

Holiday Travels Part III - Plant City (Chilling in the RV)

Of course, we were planning and confirming our spot for the Family's On The Road (FOTR) rally coming up next week. A cold spell a few days before Christmas and before we left for Lakeland to see Amy's parents was upon us. So I took a few photos of the kids occupying their time and of course Amy on the computer double checking the FOTR rally information for me to call and reserve our spot.

By the way, those that plan on attending next weekend, we will be at Lot 21.

Who needs water. Ellery in his bunk with his boat.

Amazing what a two dollar chaulk board kit at Publix can do for a bored child. The two pack was a hit with both Ellery and Willow.

Amy will hate me for posting this one but please, I wanted photos of us in the RV doing our family and everyday goings on. Here researching the FOTR itinerary.

And of course, since everyone hates my so heafty camera, another self portrait