Friday, January 8, 2010

Holiday Travels Part II - Plant City (Wedding Day)

Of course it was wonderful of our friends Darla and Jim to allow us to hookup while we were there visiting. Again I'm catching up but this is my follow up during our holiday jaunt for the wedding, holidays with Amy's family and of course bring you up to date with us staying at my mom's property.

The wedding  was brilliantly done. Though a hand fasting, it was still impressive and more so, the bride and groom's vows.

Just a few snap shots so as always, enjoy;

Yes, moi doing a test shot and getting my bearings right with the lighting. And um nooooo, I did not wear this during the ceremony.

Another test shot for the lighting this time incorporating Amy in the mix.

Ellery was most helpful as always, assisting with the ceremony. Here he is placing incense along the perimeter.

Willow was the flower girl and did a great job.

And of course, the lovely bride and groom, our friends Darla and Jim with Willow and Ellery.

Now that I have remedied my mother's internet as it was down for two days, I will continue on posting additional Christmas Holiday travel photos and again, FINALLY catch up.