Friday, December 4, 2009

A slight change of plans

I'm feeling slightly less stressed and better rested now that the end of the week is here. I'm glad the Saturday ahead has no plans although we do have to trek over to Riki's mom's Sunday for another joint child's birthday party. Did I mention that my kids' birthdays are a week apart and right before Christmas? Poor Willow is so confused she doesn't know if it is her birthday, Ellery's birthday, or Christmas, lol. All she knows is that presents are involved.

So after thoughtful consideration we have decided that the most prudent thing to do is to stay with Riki's family through the month of January. Simply having one month without the $850 rent and other utiltities would build up our savings immediately before we start out on the larger journey. Then we are hoping to land this camphosting gig in Alabama and head out west from there. It is hard to be patient. I read other family's blogs every day with their stories of traveling here and there. Sometimes I wonder if our turn will ever come. Without the resources some already have into place we can't just jet out on a $1000 gas trip to California right away. It has to be a slow process, staying a month here, a month there. I don't mind that sort of pace honestly since I do get overwhelmed and easily stressed. I would just like to be someplace different already, haha. Call me crazy but I want to see snow. I never have. I'm not saying I want to wallow in it for months. I just want to get it out of my system. I want to see mountains and deserts and beaches with rocks and sealife I've never seen before. Florida is flat and we have beaches but there isn't a lot of raw nature to see through all the condos and mass tourism. With all due respect to family we need our own space for awhile to figure out what our goals are without the constant chatter and opinions of well meaning people in the way.

Nevertheless I crave the peace and quiet that we will be afforded on their property in the month of January. I live in the city and it is noisy. There are constantly neighbors fighting, loud bass music rattling my windows when I try to get the kids to sleep at night, and sirens everywhere. I am amazed at how quiet it is out where his family lives. I wonder how many people there truly take for granted the peace and serenity they have. One night/day in my neighborhood would open their eyes I'm sure. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of urban living. I just don't know that this is the ideal setting for it without decent mass transit and walkable markets put into place. There isn't a huge sense of community here. I'm sure that exists in a city somewhere. Again, part of this journey is to help us figure out if we want city or country life. City offers more culture and diversity while the country offers more raw nature in a more homogenic environment. Lots of pros and cons to either.

At any rate, our leaving here is less than two weeks away. It is hard to believe! It feels like there is so much left to be done but if I get a few boxes packed away each day to take to the thrift store I feel like I've accomplished something. My best friend is getting married on the 18th so we are spending the weekend there, then over to see my family for a few days, and then back to Riki's family for the rest of Christmas and then January.

We were there this past weekend and I gotta say that having the rv window overlooking the lake is very peaceful. I was able to practice my flute playing while everybody was inside and it was a peaceful experience. The roosters crow in the morning but that doesn't bother me. I like sounds of nature in my environment. I heard the coyotes howling one night which was a little bit freaky but as long as I'm inside I'm okay.

I'm anxious to get my feet wet with homeschooling. I feel like I won't find my niche or complete confidence until I actually experience it. I have no idea what to expect or how all the planning on paper will actually manifest in reality. We will have our nature walk first thing in the morning, then circle time with songs and verses and flute playing outside under the awning, weather permitting of course. Then we will have main lesson inside along with the usual crafts such as baking, knitting, or painting for example. We will have to be strict against no visiting grandma until our lessons are over. As it is we don't want to wear out our welcome, haha. And more rules about media while we are there. I am very lax with tv when it comes to extended family since they don't see each other often but if we are living there for an entire month I will have to figure something out. It is completely counterproductive to use waldorf education as a curriculum and then sit your kid in front of the cartoon network all afternoon. It reminds me of one of  Ellery's neighborhood friends. He is the same age but has lost so much of the innocence Ellery still has. At our yard sale he didn't even look at any of the toys. He was only interested in electronic or computer things. He has been so inundated with video games and electronic devices that the poor kid can't even fathom playing with a simple toy or game. It is no wonder that Ellery gets along better with the next door neighbor whose son is still very imaginative and likes to make up games outside.

At any rate, I think we are all very excited to get out of the neighborhood, monthly rent, utilities, and having to stay in one place indefinitely. It won't be long now. My next project will be figuring out how to do a Christmas tree and seasonal nature table inside the rv, haha. Any recommendations of course are greatly appreciated;)



Tara said...

"I read other family's blogs every day with their stories of traveling here and there. Sometimes I wonder if our turn will ever come. Without the resources some already have into place we can't just jet out on a $1000 gas trip to California right away."

I feel the exact.same.way, mama...