Sunday, December 13, 2009

The long awaited "after" interior photos

You know, the one thing I have often found lacking in many full time rv blogs is pictures of the interior. When I find a new blog I immediately want to see how they have organized their inside living space. It also gives me a feel for the family's personality and style, not to mention, well, most of us as human beings are just plain curious and nosy about how others live, right?

So here they are, before the "lived in" sets in, haha, while everything is in its place. I want to say that I have seen and been inspired by some pretty amazing interior makeovers over the years. Ours wasn't that extensive for a variety of reasons such as the fact that we had limited resources and well, the interior was already in pretty darn nice shape when we got it. We just needed to add some personal touches. I must say those little touches are what makes all the difference to me. In such a small space you don't need to do a lot anyway but it is the little details that make me smile.

So here is what we did. First off, we painted over the yucky rv wallpaper with zero voc paint. We were skeptical about this but so far it seems fine without any major bubbling or other problems. We removed the original tacky window treatments in the living area and replaced them with our own curtain rods and drapes. I added a little fabric over the teeny tiny kitchen window. In the dinette area I used some old leopard sheets and cut them to the size of the removable cushions. They are simply wrapped around and tucked under. This way they are easy to remove for washing as well. The sofa is covered with a cotton queen sized tapestry I had from urban outfitters. I have a couple that are interchangeable and I love them because they are so versatile and inexpensive. I've used them for couch covers, wall murals, and bedspreads.

I did buy a few things. I bought a shag runner from Target and some anthropologie cabinet knobs from ebay to add some character to the cabinets. I was really on the fence about painting the cabinets as some people have done but it would have been such a huge undertaking to remove them all and to paint all the wood paneling in the entire rv to match. I don't mind a little wood anyway because it gives it some warmth and sense of nature.

Last but not least we added some photos to the upper cabinets and a nice photo collage I ordered from snapfish on the refrigerator. Then there is some amazing artwork Ellery did on the refrigerator and my own mushroom needle felted wool picture on the wall.

In the end we didn't spend much money on the interior. Our biggest cost was probably paint since zero voc paint is a bit more costly. Otherwise we mostly repurposed items we already had in the house. We have even managed to find space for our buddhist shrines. Since we don't watch tv the folding tv stand on the wall in the bedroom became a perfect spot for mine...and you can see Ellery has his own little shrine on a shelf in his bunk.

I hope this helps get some creative juices flowing for other people looking for ideas, even if their style is not the same as mine. I know I love looking at photos of other rolling homes. Enjoy!


Tammy said...

Oh, it's so cute and homey! And I love, Love, LOVE the mushroom curtains. :)

M said...

So when are you picking me up? *wink* Looks great. Blessings!

Melisa Nielsen

Meredith said...

Love looking at these picks. Completely inspiring!

Little House On Wheels said...

Thanks everybody! Tammy, I got those vintage mushroom curtains on ebay a long time ago. I have a hankering for seventies mushroom housewares, heehee.

Tara said...

I love it!! I was wondering about painting over wallpaper, too. I am SO not the type to painstakingly remove wallpaper is nice to see it works! Did you prime?

It looks great! :)

Little House On Wheels said...

Thanks! We did prime it first to be on the safe side. Unfortunately that wasn't zero voc but the fumes were minimal and didn't last long.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, great pictures! Your RV looks like a home now ; ) Best of luck with your journey in 2010!

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

I think you did an incredible job making your new RV into your home! We're also in the process of a makeover for our Class A, but I was a bit nervous about painting the wall paper- seeing that it turned out for you, I may reconsider. Thanks for sharing!:)