Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Travels Part I - Plant City

We arrived at our friend's house Darla and Jim for their wedding which was yesterday. I was pleased that they wanted me to take the photos. I am very selective with weddings but I obviously had no problem doing theirs. I am currently burning a disk for them to review and hopefully I can have a few posted next during our stay with them.

We managed to squeeze the RV in the back yard. We are plugged in for electric due to the fact that a cold front is coming our way and we will need to run the ceramic heater. We plan on staying till Tuesday, then it is off to Amy's parent's house till Christmas day.

Here is a photo of our tree in the back vanity area

And here is our Nature Table decor:

Enjoy and everyone have a great weekend.



Forest-Dweller said...

I really enjoy your blog. We are putting our home on the market and will be living in the RV. My plan is to head west to Colorado, my Husbands plan is to stay in Georgia. Lets see how it go's. I would love to chat with you and get some pointers on the whole homeschooling / living out of the RV thing.

Little House On Wheels said...

That sounds fantastic. What kind of rig do you have? Going west is our priority as well. I've never been. I would sure like to give some pointers except that we're still pretty new to this ourselves. I haven't even started homeschooling until the beginning of the year!

Tan Family said...

Wonderful blog! I am excited to follow your adventures. RVing is something that we've talked about as a family. :) --Jennifer