Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Christening" the rv

I gotta tell you, you haven't been truly indoctrinated into full time rv living until your kids have puked up in it. Fun times...and we've been barely out of our stick house for a week. The other night I bolted upright in bed to the horrible sound of a puking child. Ellery was sitting on the toilet and throwing up on the floor. That's right, on the floor, and said floor happens to be carpet. As someone who is accustomed to only wood floors I was panicking. I have no idea how to deal with carpet. He had it coming from both ends and that is why he was puking on the floor. Thank freaking goodness this was his only vomiting episode and he was mostly better the next day. At least I only had one vomit stain and soiled pants to clean up, lol. We thought it might have been the seafood which didn't taste all the fresh when we ate it. Now we are joking about how the smell of puked up seafood in an rv is even worse than just seafood in general in an rv. It's been a couple of days and although I miraculously managed to scrub out the stain, there is a foul lingering smell. I hope a day of all the windows open, scented candles, and incense is enough, lol.

I've gotta say that this last week has felt amazingly light. Our departure was rather anticlimactic to my surprise but once we got parked and knew that we didn't have to go back to a house I have felt pretty liberated. I don't know what day it is anymore or what time it is. I feel completely disconnected from the rat race, from paying monthly rent and utility bills. I don't want to rub it in but it's a great feeling! The other day I treated myself to a champagne breakfast. I love the fact that although I have to clean every day it only takes me about fifteen minutes. I've even had short spurts of time to meditate each morning. Oh, and the quiet. My goodness. No shouting neighbors. No loud obnoxious music. I feel like we left all that negative energy far, far behind. Mind you, this is sort of like my vacation vacation before homeschooling starts the beginning of next month. It's not like I'm completely off the hook and retired. That is going to be a HUGE responsibility no doubt...but for now I'm having no problem easing into this lifestyle.

We are visiting with my family now in Lakeland before we leave on Christmas day to Riki's family where we will stay put for a month or so before leaving the state. Today Riki is installing a portable clothesline to the back bumper so I can start doing laundry. Tomorrow I'm planning to bake cookies and spend a quiet evening with candlelight and hot cocoa while we open our family gifts. So what if it's almost 80 degrees out, right?

So far it's all good.