Thursday, November 5, 2009

Second weekend getaway

There were a number of checks that I had my mechanic friend Dave take a look at after we had purchased the RV. Calipers were replaced. We still can not discern the idle surge which was suppose to be 'fixed' by the seller. A tune up is in order (again something NOT done by the seller). I have found not just delamination on one side but leaks around windows and some damage to the interal wall structure in the back storage compartment. I found alot of things that went over looked before.

Going on my fifth tube of silicone sealant, I have done ALL the windows and replaced weather striping here and there and the leaks appear to have stopped since our last major rain. I hope that what ever damage that has been done by just sitting on the lot has at least stopped.

We had a jaunt to my mother's house on her property a few weeks back to test drive (again) and really put the appliances to the test. Everything worked fine with no glitches. Once again, the inside was near immaculent but of course the outside and engine needs tweeking and work done.

Last weekend after having the speedometer issue reappear (again, something that was to be fixed by the seller) and the transmission stays in second gear. I believe it's a speed sensor so my mechanic friend and neighbor will be looking at this weekend. I had to manually switch gears but it appears to run fine.

We were suppose to stay at Silver River State Park in Ocala but I didn't want to risk driving that far so we compromised on the Clearwater, Tarpon Springs RV Park. Here are the photos.

During our walk checking out the park, Amy here with her knitted shawl.

Willow and Ellery enjoying the playground that was right across from our site.

We found out that when there really isn't much to do at this RV park, his scooter was put to great use.

During our walk, Willow was enjoying a brisk run down the street.

And here she is, Hope at the site. I know I know, I didn't set the awning arms right. We are still learning.

Oh yeah, I'm behind the camera. Be warned that Amy hates my camera and refuses at times to take photos of me.