Thursday, November 5, 2009

Here she is, our future new home.

Here she is and I can tell you this, it is a PAIN to wax her down.

View looking towards the cab. Upper bunk area, dinette and couch. The wallpaper and side window treatments will be painted and removed respectively. You can already see that we have added new-throw fabric to both the couch and benches.

Looking back towards the entry, dinette, frig and bed-bath area.

Looking back at the couch and kitchen area.

Le bedroom and bath area.

And of course the shower. What really sold us on this Class C was that after you walk through the kitchen area, the space in the back OPENS up to the shower, vanity and main bedroom.

Now, let me say this. Alot of you will say how nice it looks on the inside and again, it was taken very good care of on the inside. BUT, seeing that how intimate I have become from the engine to the side walls, roof and internal windows, well another post of what to look for in great detail when buying and RV. AND I personally will be so to speak, trashing the 'owners' who sold it to us. So much drama but I believe this, we believe, it can work. I believe it or not have hope.

And that's why I have named her so; HOPE.