Friday, June 3, 2011

I've been struggling with the desire to blog lately. I've taken to privacy quite a bit more (thank goodness I don't have facebook, right?). Sometimes I just feel burdened by the idea of blogging and then realizing that what I want to talk about is too private or too controversial or too provocative or maybe even too boring....or the fact that I don't have enough pictures of something to make it interesting. Then the whole thing just seems superficial and I say nevermind. I've reached a point where I'm not so much inclined to want to irritate people or try to get them to think outside the box anymore. I'm pretty done with politics and it isn't a passion of mine like it used to be. This portion of my life is devoted more to spirituality and adapting to a corrupt world instead of trying to change something that will never be utopia. This idealism is only something we can strive for within ourselves and will never exist outwardly on this earthly realm. I've made peace with this and it is certainly a much larger sense of freedom than feeling like I need to constantly fight somebody or some cause or other hot button issue. I look up to those who have led more quiet and private lives, like the saints and monastics.

My parents came for a visit right after Pascha and we took a few pictures at the historic Adobe Bar....

the lovely ashford traditional
After the hooplah of Holy Week and my parents' visit from Florida I finally had time to invest in the new wheel and it has been very enjoyable. I still have much to learn of course but being able to process, ply, and skein a yarn from start to finish is quite an accomplishment for me, considering that last year at the wool festival just the idea of plying from a spindle was more than my brain could handle. Baby steps, right?
handspun yarn from the new wheel
I've taken to wearing mostly Israeli style tichels lately without makeup. I know I look about ten times better with makeup on but I'm trying to break my ties with vanity these days.


Mouse said...

I had no idea you had gotten a new wheel.. congrats! I had an Ashford Trad for about a month before it drove me crazy with its constant tweaks & fidley bits- & promptly returned it to its owner. I think its a beautiful wheel but we don't get along- lol. I have a Louet s-10, so I'm sort of spoilt by simplicity of no adjustments. I love that tichel- I wear mine similarly, I just usually tuck the back up into a bun or tie the ends under my hair instead of wrapping it like you do.
I understand what you mean about your issues with blogging- its the same reason I've been much quieter. I *do* really want to blog but I don't want to get into debates with people.

S said...

Crazy! I was just thinking of your blog this afternoon. I blog myself and completely relate to all the feelings you have. Just wanted to say that I don't think your blog is boring one bit! Keep on writing when the inspiration flows!

Anonymous said...

Don't fret the desire for privacy; value it. Same for change, in my opinion. You look fabulous in nature's form, by the way. And social media is not only overrated but a disease. :)
See you guys this autumn! If you're still in NM/AZ area.

Little House On The Mesa said...

Mouse, getting used to the wheel has been interesting. I feel like the tension is always changing and then I start screaming at people "don't touch the wheel!" I don't know what it is about small children and their extreme desire to touch it, lol. Other than that I like it fine after adjusting to the learning curve.

Garnet, hey, let us know when you head this way! Are you coming by bus, car, rv, haha?

liz said...

hey, glad to have you back on the blog again. great job with the yarn project you did great. you sure are very talented in that area.

and, you look great without all the fuss.. i havent wore much make up in years. who needs it. most of it is bad for you anyway and expensive.

thanks for sharing the photos..always happy to see them..

miss you .. wish we could come back again very soon..

love ya

Anonymous said...

Very late response, but can't be helped since we've been very busy on the road. Long story short, the kids (teens) don't like RVing like they used to and want to get a house so we're in Oregon on the coast looking for a rental. If we don't find one before winter then we'll RV our way down to Arizona for the winter and New Mexico for the spring. Then back up to Oregon to look for rentals in summer.