Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signs of spring

It really did feel like spring here today. The warm sun was more inviting than the cold indoors so we opened the front door to let some of it in. The kids were super excited when we got out the laundry washtubs deciding that the weather was finally mild enough to dunk our hands in cold water without freezing. Now I know we really must be adjusting to the different climate because the kids dashed out of the house in tshirts deciding that the upper 40 temps in the morning were that warm. We saw some lizards and even heard the chirping of little birds in the air. We can only hope that this means warmer weather to come, or more specifically I might add, that I can get my spring/summer wardrobe out to put on sandals and sundresses...okay, maybe not quite yet, but the promise of not having to wear leggings, thermals, or bulky sweaters sounds inviting. Even my initial excitement over wearing knitted items is beginning to wane.

I've spent most of the day alternating between cursing and praising this lovely spinning wheel I'm still getting accustomed to. I finally found my groove this afternoon and figured out how to draft while spinning at the same time instead of having to predraft everything. I'm real impatient to ply these two bobbins of plain white wool so I can move on to something a little more colorful. I got the most beautiful handpainted wool top at the local yarn shop called parrot wing. I've promised myself that once I get through this first "practice" skein I will start working on that. Then the real fun will begin.


liz said...

i just love that picture. riki had it on facebook the other day. its just beautiful.. now, thats one he should try to sell for sure..

Restless Prairie Farm said...

It's the best once you start working with the amazing colors! I couldn't wait to get done with my first practice skein. I was using a really rough wool and the first merino felt like silk.:o)