Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where to pick up after leaving off for so long

The more time that goes by I have had a real hard time getting back to posting on the blog. I've been confused about which direction I wanted to go in with it. I've discovered some really pretty blog designs which seem to reflect more of who we are but then figured out that I would have to pay somebody hundreds of dollars to replicate said type of blog. The only reason this was something worth pursuing is because I understand the importance of a nice blog which generates a lot of traffic IF you are planning some kind of crafty business which needs said traffic. Then I got freaked out about all of it. I shrink from competition which I don't know is always a good trait. Having to do anything for the purpose of trying to make money just sucks the fun out of it for me and I know I've got to get over it at some point.

I also see all of these pretty blogs which seem to have little substance. There is this trend now for posts like "ten things I love" with pictures of clothes or jewelry or furniture people want. I have a weakness for these things myself but I don't want a blog completely focused on materialism. Sometimes I walk a fine line myself between what is art and what is wasteful consumption. Nevertheless, I would like to post pictures of cool thrift store finds or redecorating or a cool dress I bought on etsy for instance. I just wouldn't want it to shadow posts of real substance. And let's face it, not all of us mothers want to constantly post about our kids or homeschooling adventures. Sure, those things have an honorable place too but I do have interests outside just being a parent and I like to express that as well.

So here I am, kind of stuck with a plain blog design I'm not real fond of but not wanting to pay somebody else to fix it up for me...and the fact of the matter is I am nowhere near where I had hoped in starting any kind of handmade goods business anyway. Life gets in the way. Homeschooling gets in the way and I just don't have any product to sell as of yet. I just got a wheel which is super exciting but I've got to figure out how to use the darn thing first from learning on a drop spindle. The bottom line is that I had high hopes for the new year and that I was just going to get out there and start this business and be an artist. I think the enthusiasm was fine but I've still got so much trouble shooting to do. Aside from the evil voices in my head which tell me I'm not good enough to sell anything anyway, I have skills to improve upon like dyeing and spinning and figuring out my own patterns. Until I'm comfortable with all of those things I have no business putting product up for sale. In the end I guess I've been shying from the blog because I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't been able to make all of these things happen in the time frame I had hoped.

making valentines
 February nature table
 cute valentine gnomes
Winter hit us native Floridians much harder in the pocketbook than it did in terms of weather, which we weren't expecting. Business at the restaurant is starting to pick up a bit and I like to think that spring is a light at the end of a tunnel we are quickly approaching. For now I leave a few pictures of Valentine festivities and homeschool related stuff.


Mouse said...

There are TONS of free Blogger templates out there that can easily be turned into something original with a bit of coding. I've had a Blogger blog for ages and do a bit of coding.. if you'd like to drop me a line & let me know what you want... maybe I can help you. Its not as hard as it looks... really.

Little House On The Mesa said...

Maybe I could get you in touch with Riki. He knows quite a bit about coding (I don't) but says he is so behind the times that he can't figure out how to add all the buttons to advertise and that sort of thing. We can figure out the backgrounds but it is the "buttons" that advertise other people and sites we can't figure out.

Artistmama said...

Hi! So good to meet you here in bloggerland. We are down in Las cruces, NM.

my advice is to silence those evil voices. everything happens one moment, one step at a time. i started my blog to keep in touch with family and friends and let them see my kids growing but it turned into a great way to sell crafty things too.

I've also recently wondered where to start. I was off the grid for 6 months and the thought of trying to catch up was overwhelming. So I decided to blog about now and pepper it with blog posts about the last 6 months. Anyway, I for one would love to read about your HS/ life adventures in Taos. Neat to have another Waldorf Homeschooler in the state at least!

Forest-Dweller said...

First way to go...I know sometimes I feel way behind too. But then I stop as I happy? are my children happy? then I am right where I need to be. Here is a blog sight that give tutorials on how to do things. I have her button on my blog.
Also I started asking...when I saw something that someone was doing and I liked it...I just asked...everyone has been very friendly.
I have started and fumbled many times. I am afraid of the computer but I just keep on plugging one can fulfill my future like I can...and I am not about to be chicken of a machine. OK maybe a little. Good luck...holler if you need anything.

Bon vivant said...

I read your/other blogs because of the content. I'm a minimalist so wouldn't likely buy anything from a blogger or what they like or rant about. It's an interlude into the life of fellow travelers to give hope, inspiration and correction. Thanks for posting!

Little House On The Mesa said...

Thanks for your opinion! See, this is what I tend to think too. I've spent a lot of time reading blogs while not posting and I find I'm completely turned off by blogs that are always about "things" but very interested in those who sell stuff but also talk about their personal journey as well.


Greetings from Southern California

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Little House On The Mesa said...

Hey Ron, welcome! What a great blog you have and that's quite a testimony!