Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the threshold of a new year

I'm normally not too much into the new year. It is just the turning of a calendar really. This year however holds so much promise now that the holidays are behind us. I have so many plans for this year if we can make due with the economical situation and most of them have to do with sustainability to offset the financial strain. It couldn't be better timing to get several seed catalogs on a snowy day. It gave me fond memories of growing vegetables in Florida. Our beginner efforts in pots and in the city far exceeded any of our expectations. We had so many tomatoes, proliferating spinach, cherry tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and more. One of the most satisfying experiences for me has to be picking my lunch out of my own yard at no expense.

So it has made me sad that we had to let go of that in pursuit of a new life somewhere else. Now there are new challenges since we live in a completely different climate with a different growing season. There is hope though. We have lots of sunshine with little shade (shade being our biggest enemy in Florida) and lots of large outdoor boxes waiting for planting. I'm already compiling my wishlist for what looks like it may grow here although I may be waiting until May to actually be able to plant. The seeds also represent the seeds within us all as we start a new year fresh with new beginnings.

As I complete end of the year homeschooling plans I also contemplate what our large building project will be for the third grade curriculum. We are considering a chicken coop or a rabbit hutch since I'm contemplating angora rabbits for fiber. We just have to wait and see what our permanency here looks like.

I can't think of a better afternoon spent than poring over seed catalogs with snow pouring outside and dreams of spring to come, not just the literal spring but the spring of our rebirth.


Tammy said...

I've been following your last couple of posts, though I haven't left any commnets. I guess I'm not sure what to say, knowing (really knowing) that oftentimes we write to work things out in our souls.

Anyway, I do want you to know I appreciate what you write. The realnesss of you and your family. The connection to truth I feel when I visit here.


Little House On The Mesa said...

Thanks Tammy. I read your blog post and I'm sorry to see you go. It has always been nice to see the warmth between you and your family. Best of luck to you guys!