Friday, December 10, 2010

Blog under construction

Don't be alarmed by the weird changes that pop up on the blog throughout the month. If we had a huge chunk of time to just get it done I would do it but it looks like we'll be working on it in small increments to get the new look ready by the beginning of the year. Just so you know!


Tammy said...

Kinda fun to change up the blog every now and then.

I noticed the new background yesterday and love it! :)

liz said...

im good with all that.. just need some new photos of the youngins... hmmmmm?????

Little House On The Mesa said...

Good luck on that one...don't think we have any new pictures of the kids really. If I ever get the money I'm gonna buy myself a cheap digital camera to start taking my own pictures. Riki's camera is too heavy and complicated for me.