Thursday, November 11, 2010


 making our martinmas lanterns

 the kids with their new "cat hats" I knitted
 awesome hat I bought from an online friend's etsy shop, mousiemasala
cozy sweater I made
 more hand knitted goodness


Mouse said...

*squee* It looks AWESOME! I'm so happy that you love it so much and please thank your husband for taking photos.

Family of Movers said...

I tried learning crocheting yesterday, is knitting easier? I love that sweater. Want to make me stuff? for money or barter? i could trade you organic lotion for eczema or shampoo for eczema.

MamaAngel said...

I love the way you celebrate the Waldorf holidays! We just started this year.

liz said...

lot the hats... adorable.. great job are more talented than i am.. i dont think i could do as well.. everyone looks soooo cute.. yep.. you too.... love ya

Tammy said...

Fun knitted treasures! I love those cat hats. :)

Little House On Wheels said...

Lynne, we could talk about a trade some time. I'm so busy knitting for the holidays right now but Willow could use some eczema lotion.

People differ in opinion on whether crochet or knitting is easier. I can do very basic crochet but I prefer the way knitted items look. I do hear that crocheting is faster and sometimes cheaper in terms of supplies than knitting.