Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our anniversary will now be known as the day I fell out of a bus

Well folks, I gotta tell you, I'm convinced at this point that Austin just wasn't meant to be for us. First we needed to lay low because of finances, then there was the entire week of Seattle type of weather in a place that is known for mostly sunny skies. Then there was the night I fell out of the bus. Monday Riki and I decided it might be nice to check out a couple of bars for our anniversary while the Boves watched the kids. Everything started out nice enough. Of course we ventured out on a Monday afternoon where literally a handful of places were open and they were all people watching, let's put it that way. We made the best of it and after a couple of hours came back to get the kids. That was when I found myself airborne on the way down the steps of the bus. You have to know that I fall out of the rv a lot. Don't ask me why. I can already count on my hand the times I've slipped on our steps and fallen out of the entryway usually to land on my butt and laugh about it before I pick myself up. Well, this time I knew things were different when I hit the ground and felt my feet in excruciating pain. Riki had to practically carry me back to the campsite. It appears that I have one sprained ankle and one severely sprained or possibly broken foot. No, I haven't gone to the doctor or hospital. We don't have insurance and I cringe at the thought of spending $50 for an ace bandage and doctor visit just to have them tell me I have a sprained foot. So for now I am bedridden with my foot elevated, covered in ice, and wrapped in a bandage. It's pretty bad. I can't walk or bear any weight on it. Riki bought me a cane at the pharmacy to help but so far he still has to help me get out of bed. If it doesn't get better or gets worse in a couple days I guess we'll bite the bullet and find some kind of walk in clinic.

So things aren't too exciting right now. At best it looks like a bad sprain could take 2-3 weeks to heal and well, that's around the time we have to leave bye bye Austin. Too bad I couldn't see more of you. I'm hoping Riki can take the kids on some little field trips but I don't see myself able to walk alone for days at the very least.

I have had some realizations on this road trip so far. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we are still less than two months into this journey. The further we are from Florida it feels almost like an eternity since we were there but honestly it hasn't been that long. I think we are still finding our niches. I mentioned in the previous post that we would like to do some more rustic camping than we have done so far. Well, I think I have decided that the city turns me into a miserable person. You see, as soon as I get to a city I feel like I need to go do things and of course they all involve spending money. Then I sit around moping about why I can't go buy clothes at the cutesy vintage stores that I don't have room for anyway or eat an expensive meal or see some kind of live music since this is like the live music capital of the country. We were so much more content in BFE Louisiana where there wasn't any pressure to go do anything because there was nothing to do, lol. Sure, we complained about the only horrible grocery store in town but we made due, had our campfire, and went about our daily business.

In some ways I think this was a little bittersweet karma. Now there won't be any argument about going anywhere because I'm an invalid and I can't go anyway, even with all the money in the world. There won't be any live music, clothes, delicious food, or any of that...

and I've decided I'm kind of over it. I would rather be in the middle of nowhere without the temptation. See, there isn't really a lot of nature here so I can't enjoy the outdoors, at least without driving to it and of course my bike is trashed now. So there isn't much to do but go out into the city which costs money.

So there it is...when we leave here we are checking out some of the corp of engineer lands in Belton. We don't have solar panels or batteries or a generator or anything truly worthy of boondocking so we'll see what happens. I figure it isn't a lot different from camping in a tent without being hooked up which we used to do all the time anyway.

So no pictures, nothing to see, nothing to do. Hey, I should look at the bright side. This is like a poor man's private retreat and I have lots of yarn stash for knitting. Woohoo.


Mouse said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your fall! I hope you will recover quickly. I understand about cities.. its the same sort of thing with me and big malls & shopping centers. The more I stay away from them the less I want but the second I get into a large store I suddenly feel like I 'need' whatever they're selling. Obviously, I can't afford to buy but I still look and sigh and sulk. *hugs*

little castle said...

So sorry that you hurt your feet. =( It took us about six months to find our groove, so I understand the still trying to find your niche. Sending healing and calming vibes your way.

American Daze said...

First, I would like to offer my sincere hopes of quick recovery for you. Although you did bring a smile out of me..well..a laugh actually.. the way you described your fall.

Sounds pretty serious. I'd definitely watch the one that is fractured/broke for sure. I think after 24 hours it can't be set...they have to re-break it. Hate that the city is feeding you such bad karma.

I don't know about you guys, but for us, hitting the road is getting away from all the city/town delights, and taking a look at nature...and the Forgetting what society demands as a rule of lifestyle we should live. Enjoying the time with the kids, spouse, friends...and breath it all in and don't sweat the small stuff.
Hope you have a quick recovery and some good karma!

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh...this is awful! I do indeed hope you get to feeling better SOON!

Where is the next place you are heading to? I hope it will be one filled with lots and lots and lots of nature for you all.

Kara said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I hope you're feeling better soon - because OUCH! That sounds like a painful way to be for 2 or 3 weeks ...

I hear you about temptation ... it makes me a miserable person, too.

Best wishes and healing thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Hope you recover soon. To bad you can't check out some music while you're in Austin. It's a great place to visit; not too sure about living there, it is a college town, but I think you can get away from Kiddy-ville pretty easily.
But defenitely check out some music while you're there. Then flee!
-Stuart (I worked with Riki many years ago)

Ima said...

Oh mama!! So sorry about the fall... we've had some pretty serious bumps and bruises here recently while learning to adjust to muuuuuuch smaller space in the RV. DP just split his head open for the second time. First was on the TV and second was the very corner of the kitchen cabinet.Speedy recovery energy to you!!!