Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bear Creek Festival Part II

After finally arriving at the Spirit of Suwannee State Park, we set up camp, drank a beer (well Amy and I) and proceeded to enjoy the bands and festivities.

I totally forgot to write down the bands I photographed but from here on out I mean no disrespect in that regard.

Thanks to Hoola Monsters for providing the loaners for the kids. Note Ellery in the background. He is quite the hoola monster if you will

Amy and Willow awaiting the instructors to begin for hoola class

It was nice that during the Bear Creek Festival they had a special band and show just for the kids by Sol Driven Train

And of course, it was REALLY great to have the Bear Creek Kids Tent. We dropped off Ellery and Willow and finally got to enjoy a few remaining shows. Here Willow and Ellery enjoy mask making and face painting.

And Ellery this last night received so many high fives, pictures, and compliments from all the girls and guys, hooping it up during this one particular show.

I am sure Amy will want me to post more photos but till then enjoy.


P.S. - The trip back to Clearwater in the RV was most uneventful and glitch free. It was a smooth ride and no smoke this time.